PERSONAL CARE PACKAGING for Consumers demand a lot from their personal care and beauty packaging. They expect clean ingredients, hygienic dispensing, and inclusive features, and they value indulgent experiences.

With the right design and components, your packaging can wow your customers and drive emotional brand loyalty.

Personal Care Packaging& Beauty Packaging Options

From hair care to personal cleansing, and skincare to cosmetics, PGP has the packaging components to support today’s in-demand products. Our insights-driven approach ensures our solutions respond directly to both industry trends and the needs of your consumers.

Here’s a sample of what we offer for personal care packaging:

    • Droppers
    • Glass, plastic, and aluminum jars
    • Refillable bottles and jars
    • Airless solutions
    • Lotion and serum pumps
    • Sustainable personal care and beauty packaging

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Let PGP be your trusted personal care and beauty packaging partner. Our team of experts will work with you through each step of the process to deliver the packaging solution that conveys your brand story to consumers. We offer a wide variety of options that will help you connect with consumers and differentiate your personal care and beauty products from the competition.




PGP offers an array of in-stock packaging options. Shop our selection or request a quote today.