Incorporating sustainability as a business practice and a brand message grows more important as the issue becomes increasingly front and center in the minds of consumers. Using a sustainable package is a great way to establish or maintain brand equity by allowing you to market your sustainability story. It also shows consumers who care about the environment that you care too.

Material selection, design, and operational choices are all options that can contribute to a more sustainable package. But not every solution will work for every brand or every product. So it’s important to evaluate the options and select what makes the most sense for you.

When you partner with PGP, you’re partnering with an experienced global packaging leader with the team and the tools to guide you through your sustainable journey. Our award-winning Design & Engineering team can develop reusable/refillable systems, optimize packaging footprints for efficient shipping, and look for ways to reduce material without impacting structural integrity.

If you’re in need of stock refillable packaging solutions, we have options that are available and ready to ship at the click of a button. Refillable packaging is ideal as it eases demand for virgin materials, reduces energy consumption, and prevents trash from piling up in our landfills and oceans. If the items you need aren’t in stock, our packaging experts will source them for you.

Our robust Supply Chain network allows us to source an array of environmentally-conscious materials such as resin with biodegradable or recycled content (e.g., post-consumer recycled, or PCR), paperboard, compostable bags, recyclable films, aluminum, or glass. We can also help you select vendor partners with the best capabilities to support the needs of your project.

As you think about how to incorporate more sustainability into your brand, products and packaging, it’s important to have a partner with the expertise to guide you through that process, wherever you may be in your journey. PGP can help.


PGP is an active member of the PackHub and Sustainable Packaging Coalition and is Silver Medal certified EcoVadis. EcoVadis is the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. The Silver Medal recognizes the top 25% of submitted companies with the best ratings for their ethical practices and social and environmental performance. To learn more about our ESG roadmap, click here.

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